1: National Day back the first week, BOPP Film  rise  in price!
The first week of the return of the National Day ,Packing tape jumbo  roll prices due to  BOPP film prices up. National Day holiday back, Owing to PP price up ,it  driven BOPP prices higher.
Over the past week, BOPP film and packing tape jumbo roll tape ‘s prices  has entered the consolidation period, and the trend of decadence. However, PP futures rebounded again with butyl acrylate market unexpected events, all atmosphere driven, thin film market demand is also a sudden increase. Again supporting the BOPP price to run at a higher level above.

2: In mid-October, foreign butyl acrylate suffered force majeure, the domestic price will be rise !
Event Review: German local time on October 17, 2016 about 11:30 am, located in the northern port of Ludwigshafen port of the explosion occurred and a series of fire. A number of employees working at the site were injured and others were missing. Responsible for the emergency response personnel have been at the scene to deal with, can see the fire caused by smoke. Residents of Port Road and Mannheim have been advised to avoid staying outside and closing doors and windows. For safety reasons, BASF Ludwigshafen lowered its steam cracker and other devices to a temporary stop.
Acrylic plant capacity in the European market statistics show that Germany’s BASF acrylic plant capacity of 310,000 tons, accounting for Europe’s total capacity of 1/4; acrylic ester production capacity of 390,000 tons, accounting for 1/2 of total capacity in Europe.
Europe’s largest acrylic production enterprises parking, supply the European acrylic market supply line of emergency, bear the brunt of the region is Asia, and Asia, China is the largest producer of acrylic acid. Therefore, under the support of this factor, the domestic butyl acrylate week rose ¥500-1000  / ton, greatly stimulated the downstream tape mother roll manufacturers, tape prices increase.

3: The first round of gains has led the downstream stocking enthusiasm, and then the case of skyrocketing prices, the user is highly motivated procurement !
As the title said, the first week after the holiday return, driven by the packing tape jumbo roll  downstream enthusiasm has not yet receded stocking, the market re-encounter of force majeure, packing tape jumbo roll prices rise at the same time, once again boost the downstream tape user purchasing enthusiasm . As a result, the current tape manufacturers to produce orders for the parent handover difficult scene, and some companies have been able to maintain orders to the middle of next month or even the end of next month. Orders of ultra-full load, enough to give confidence in tape manufacturers to raise parent quotes.

For the future: cautiously optimistic !

1. BA industry started low load, the latter part of the market just need to weaken, prices continue to uplink blocked.
At present, domestic butyl acrylate industry is still in the lower half of the level of start, this device will be restarted one after another. Qilu Kai Tai device started today, a plant in Ningbo, a plant started, a plant in Jiangsu tomorrow to return to work, Zhejiang Satellite is currently running at low load, short-term supply of domestic market supply is still tight, will temporarily support the market supply at high levels.

But with the gold nine silver 10 season ended, the downstream butyl acrylate and latex demand will also be gradually reduced, the latter part of the market demand for propyl bromide worried about thicker. And the external force majeure factors to bring the real impact of the market or more limited, there are still more surplus domestic capacity to be used, if there is export demand, according to the current domestic production capacity of butyl acetate supply, it should be relatively easy one thing.

Acrylic acid and ester has gone through a rapid pull up last week, the market price refresh a new high this year. European BASF explosion, acrylic acid can not resist the announcement of parking at the same time, last week, the domestic acrylic acid production enterprises have different levels of failure, small overhaul, start the load close to a new low level during the year. With the rise in acrylic acid and ester prices, and profitability, acrylic manufacturers gradually increase the industry started this week compared to last week, acrylic operating rate rose 13 %, butyl acrylate operating rate rose 10 %.

2. BOPP current trend entirely dependent on PP, PP in the fourth quarter of production-intensive, the trend cautiously optimistic.

BOPP trend in recent years has been completely independent of their control, a higher degree of dependence on the PP. PP where to go, BOPP go where to go. And then, PP market is facing the risk of intensive production, although the current petrochemical stocks low to give the market some support, but the late PP trend we still hold cautious optimism. Therefore, BOPP the next trend, the box may fluctuate larger.

3. October tape market users are mostly due to price stocking, late stocking demand will be weakened。

“Silver October” counterattack should not be underestimated, but then, Packing tape jumbo roll market has been able to continue to spend the remaining 2016 optimistic about the remaining two months? Also difficult. In October, packing tape jumbo roll market users, driven by prices, getting goods, stocking of a few, according to previous years, the historical situation, tape volume in the fourth quarter demand will be reduced compared with the third quarter, and more users in October this year Stocking, stocking in a week, ten days, half months, or even a month long, 11,12 months tape rigid market demand in the downstream volume of such a large stocking is slightly worried.

2016 tape master volume in October is undoubtedly the “big turn over” a month, so after the boom, return to reason, we will return to the market fundamentals. In 2016, the packing tape jumbo roll market continues to put into production, in the next few years the industry started to maintain about half of the background, the market continued production of the move, although the beautiful scenery together, but always revealed a trace of “risk” atmosphere. Rational to be the city, in fact, tape the parent volume industry should be the initiative.

Top Golden is expected, the end of the beginning of tape tape market price no downward risk, but with the tape mother roll manufacturers cumulative order volume delivery, the market gradually weakened demand for rigid, long-line packing tape jumbo roll market will have a reasonable price reduction Of the risk, the price of inflection point or in mid-November or so there.

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