Adhesive tape manufacturer

1. Teflon substrate,
Advantages: high temperature tape 204 ℃, solvent resistance, low temperature when the paste strong;  Disadvantages: high prices

2.metal foil substrate,
Advantages: heat reflective, solvent resistance, heat resistance, aluminum foil 316 ℃, lead 147 ℃;  Disadvantages: poor elastic tape, aluminum foil is not acid

3, cotton paper substrate,
Advantages: is conducive to the penetration of glue, the cost of the end; Disadvantages: easy to tear tape, anti-tension

4, glass cloth substrate,
Advantages: tape tensile strength, good insulation, temperature 200 ℃, easy to burn; Disadvantages: poor moisture barrier

5, acrylic substrate,
Advantages: good heat resistance, stress dispersion ability, high temperature 200 ℃; Disadvantages: tape prices slightly higher substrate (film),
Advantages: tape sticky strong, generally used for panel. Signs of adhesion; Disadvantages: improper operation easily broken.

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