Current Situation China tape industry market
After a hundred years of development, the tape industry has become the world an important basic chemical sub-sectors, is an important part of the rubber products industry, covering all aspects of the national economy and people’s lives, defense industry, production and consumption. China from the “Eleventh Five-Year” before the world became tape production and consumption country, the country has a certain scale tape production more than 500 enterprises. According to rough statistics, the country’s current annual production capacity of more than 350 million square meters conveyor belt, v with an annual production capacity of about 2.5 billion am, are listed among the first in the world. “Eleventh Five-Year” end of the country’s annual production of 300 million conveyor belt, v with annual production of 2 billion am. Our tape products, whether or conveyor belt varieties are more complete, to meet the basic needs of national economic development, but there’s still unreasonable product structure, excess capacity, industry blind expansion and disorderly vicious competition.

Production capacity expansion of the belt rapidly, especially steel cord conveyor belt scale unabated expansion or new production lines. In general v belt transmission belt as the representative of the production capacity surplus, compared with the market demand, including timing belt, V-ribbed belt, agricultural belt production capacity is increasing rapidly.

In terms of domestic demand: “Eleventh Five-Year” period, with the rapid development of China’s coal, metallurgy, steel, automobile and other industries, for the tape industry has provided a broad domestic market, to achieve a sustained and rapid development. Annual sales of the “Eleventh Five-Year” during tape product growth remained above 15%. As of 2013 industry output hose tape industry has increased to 29.455 billion yuan.

In recent years, a series of tape industry conducive to the development of industrial policy and planning for the sector issued by relevant state departments for the development of tape industry has laid a good foundation system. First support rubber, new materials, textile industry and other upstream industries through restructuring, technological upgrading, industrial upgrading to provide the material basis for the tape industry; followed by the revitalization of the high-end machinery and equipment manufacturing, metallurgy and port and other downstream industries, the expansion of the tape industry overall demand and market capacity; in addition, support and encourage competitive enterprises bigger and stronger, increase the proportion of high-performance tape, tape to promote industrial restructuring, technological upgrading and brand strategy.

Champoux consulting released “2014– China Tape Reports Survey 2017” shows the current stability of the national economy, sustainable development, economic development is in the process of modernization and urbanization accelerate the development of industry, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, mining, chemical and building materials industry has a broad space for development, the demand for these industries in the proportion of the total tape larger domestic market demand for the tape industry provides a huge market.

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