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2016 China packing tape market performed well: the price trend changed in previous years, fatigue, and reverse the previous two years “decline”, the price all the way up; monthly new equipment production, industry capacity expansion significantly; export situation Continued to improve; product distribution pattern improved slightly.

2016 China packing tape price trend can be used to describe a word: strong! The Packing tape market prices continue to pull up the trend, over and over again the first two years of the weak tone. Recalling the 2016 adhesive tape jumbo roll market: March’s rally – shocking! July pull up – steady! September – expected! October – strong block!

China Packing Tape Jumbo Roll Prince Trend in 2016
China Packing Tape Jumbo Roll Prince Trend in 2016

March’s rally – shocking!

Return to the March adhesive tape jumbo roll price rise period, although the PP futures willful rise, crude oil production agreement can move to achieve factors such as oil prices up the “unexpected” factors exist, the butyl acrylate production enterprises started low, petrochemical enterprises With the support of factors such as support also appears to be more robust. BOPP and butyl acrylate with each other, prices have increased, the cost of adhesive tape to bring strong support for the adhesive tape jumbo roll market, coupled with the March return of the occasion of the Spring Festival holiday tape customers downstream warehouse sales, the need to support the adhesive tape jumbo roll just need to be maintained. The upstream and downstream with excellent degree, in March the rally was able to maintain and achieve the mainstream price of East China from ¥7700/Ton to ¥9,000/Ton results.

Sheet1 The end of June and early July raw material and adhesive tape jumbo roll price

bopp packing tape jumbo roll
bopp packing tape jumbo roll

Held up the source of this rise is undoubtedly the crazy PP! The reason for the PP crazy price increases, PP futures rose again bear the brunt, followed by low petrochemical inventory, petrochemical inertia at the end of the month to pull up, and coincides with the impact of waterlogging disaster in East China and the arrival of the G20 summit in September Affecting the start of the East China Petrochemical enterprises in August and other news led. The majority of customers believe that the rush of space, the rhythm is too fast, which is why the market is one of the reasons for high turnover.

September- expected!

From September 4 to 5, 2016, G20 summit was held in Hangzhou, since mid-May, Zhejiang and the surrounding area has begun to create a “G20 Blue” research and investigation work, and with the thorough investigation work further, The number of factories receiving the cut-off notice increased, and because of the high temperature of the summer installation of the reasons for maintenance, some enterprises are also selected in the mid to late 8 overhaul, which is the supply of raw materials is a big test At the same time, but also early warning of downstream users need to stocking. Therefore, the arrival of golden September, Packing tape jumbo roll market demand has been exhausted ahead of time, the devastation of gold nine is expected.

October – strong block!

Because gold nine unhappy, to relax the downstream users of silver ten vigilance during the National Day, the downstream users are not replenishment, but the National Day seven days of crude oil rebounded a strong rebound in the packing tape jumbo roll market downstream users purchase sentiment!

National Petrochemical PP strong pull back, driven BOPP higher prices, to adhesive tape to bring support for rising prices.

Followed by mid-October butyl acrylate outside the market suffered force majeure, domestic enterprises offer up to crunch, give the adhesive tape jumbo roll prices “fueled” the power.

November raw material prices warm retreat, near the end, butyl acrylate production enterprises started low “encounter” Jiangsu Miki incident, the domestic supply of butyl acetate an unprecedented degree of tension, once again pushed up the price of butyl acrylate, driven bopp adhesive tape jumbo roll prices continued upward.

In December, the price of BOPP and butyl acrylate were increased. The cost support was not strong. In addition, the orders of the adhesive tape jumbo roll manufacturers accumulated more, and the production of the tape was not stopped.

Three times a day price adjustment! Seal! Soaring! Rose! Up one thousand a week! This is the October 2016 -12 Bopp packing tape jumbo roll production enterprises in the normal state.

Adhesive tape jumbo roll
Adhesive tape jumbo roll

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