Packing Tape ,It’s very common for us , But what’s the  packing tape jumbo roll ? What are the characteristics of it?

Packing tape jumbo roll is mainly based on BOPP film jumbo roll to the substrate, and then the BOPP film after the corona treatment, its side surface roughness, and then through heated uniformly coated with an aqueous pressure sensitive adhesive (main component is butyl), and then forming a layer of different thickness according to customer requirements.

Packing tape jumbo roll characteristics:
Have high-quality and high-performance adhesive tape jumbo  roll, even in extreme weather, its performance is able to maintain stable sealing tape parent roll which has excellent adhesion, initial tack, holding good adhesive properties, pull tensile strength, light weight, inexpensive, easy to use packing tape parent roll.

Packing tape jumbo roll Uses:
Tape jumbo roll is generally applicable to the shipping container and to prevent cargo theft, and other illegal turn. Sealing tape jumbo roll is widely used in cardboard boxes sealed packaging, warehouse storage of goods, used in products with fixed seal sticky, transparent packaging and sealing tape sealing the finished cut of the action.

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