Pallet stretch wraps film

China’s use of the straps film began in the late 1980s, its industrial production in 1993 or so, the initial production capacity of enterprises in general 500-700t / a, after 1998 to introduce large-scale equipment, single-line annual production capacity of 5000- 7000t.

From the scale and distribution point of view, the domestic production LLDPE stretch wrap film manufacturers mainly small equipment, accounting for 70% of market share. As the technology is simple, relatively small investment, customer quality requirements are not high, although the product quality can not be compared with the manufacturers, but its low price, occupy most of the low-end market. And the production of the wound film, most concentrated in the economically developed coastal areas, with the pallet transport import and export goods.

From the production grade, the Stretch wrap film is mainly used without opening, melting refers to 2 linear raw material production can be. Mainly to domestic materials LLDPE and imports of raw materials LLDPE production, commonly used brands include: domestic materials, 9030,7042,7042N, 9047,0209AA, 1820; imports: 1002YB, 218NF / N and so on.

China production enterprises around 150, most of the production line for the domestic small production lines, most enterprises concentrated in East China (Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai) region, Guangdong Province, Shandong Province and other places.

Distribution of winding film in Shandong

Linyi is located in the eastern coastal economic zone, the core city of Beijing to Shanghai, the shortest distance from the central location, location advantage is very obvious. East of Qingdao Port, Rizhao Port, Rizhao Lanshan Port and Lianyungang, the territory of Linyi Port; known as China’s logistics capital. Linyi wholesale city a total of 96 kinds of wholesale markets, with 25,000 booths, for three consecutive years among the top ten wholesale market. Now second only to Zhejiang Yiwu, ranking second in the country, “South Yiwu, north Yi Yi,” said. As China’s logistics capital, trade is particularly important in the transport and in order to prevent rain and snow, anti-extrusion, etc., at present most companies use wrapping packaging products to make it more solid, to avoid the goods were outside damage The
Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang stretch film concentration.

Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang is the main focus of the stretch wrap film.

On the one hand the region belongs to the coastal city, the air is relatively humid, in order to prevent the goods damp, the business more use wrapping film packaging; second Shanghai and other regions is one of the important market of plastic pallets, the accumulation of several major leading enterprises, Stretch film packaging products to make it more solid. During the transport process in order to avoid damage to goods, rain, water, and more use of wrapping film packaging, which can reduce the loss caused by the transport process.

Finally, most of the domestic winding film manufacturers to use more than Zhenhai 7042, Yangtze 7042, and Zhenhai Ethylene and Yangzi Petrochemical belongs to the East China region, East China stretch film manufacturers compared with the region with low cost, less road and other advantages.

Distribution Advantages of Winding Films in Guangdong Province

Dongguan, Guangdong and Shenzhen have been mainly engaged in South China stretch film manufacturers, commonly known as “Hong Kong’s back garden.” Dongguan, the total size of the economy has been expanding. In 2006, the city’s GDP of 262.4 billion yuan, industrial output value of 551.2 billion yuan; foreign trade import and export volume of 84.221 billion US dollars. Manufacturing industry strength, complete industrial system. Is one of the world’s largest manufacturing base, the total output value of the manufacturing industry accounted for more than 90% of the total industrial output value, the formation of electronic information, electrical machinery, textile and garment, furniture, toys, paper and paper products, food and beverage, And other eight industries as the pillar of the modern industrial system. South China’s main stretch film Enterprise: Top Golden Packing Products Co., Ltd., Our Factory production capacity of 80T / day, the introduction of Italy Nextrom company’s equipment, in March 1998 put into production two production lines in 2005 to introduce the first three production lines, is the largest in the south of the current winding Film production enterprises. Which includes: color stretch film, machine and hand stretched film and pre-tensioning machine film etc . If need require .Pls contact : skype: topgoldenann online to quote the price .

From the market demand point of view, according to incomplete statistics, the Chinese mainland wrapped film is much lower than other countries and economic zones, as the future of the world processing and manufacturing center, its growth potential can be expected.

Overall, the future development of stretch film will have a greater growth, but with the profit margins smaller and smaller, the market competition will become increasingly fierce. At present, domestic manufacturers and small factories melee situation, it may evolve into several manufacturers of the situation. After the large-scale production, reduce costs and energy consumption, improve quality and expand sales channels, will become the ultimate trend of the development of Chan Raomo enterprises.

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China adhesive tape manufacturers -top golden

2016 China packing tape market performed well: the price trend changed in previous years, fatigue, and reverse the previous two years “decline”, the price all the way up; monthly new equipment production, industry capacity expansion significantly; export situation Continued to improve; product distribution pattern improved slightly.

2016 China packing tape price trend can be used to describe a word: strong! The Packing tape market prices continue to pull up the trend, over and over again the first two years of the weak tone. Recalling the 2016 adhesive tape jumbo roll market: March’s rally – shocking! July pull up – steady! September – expected! October – strong block!

China Packing Tape Jumbo Roll Prince Trend in 2016
China Packing Tape Jumbo Roll Prince Trend in 2016

March’s rally – shocking!

Return to the March adhesive tape jumbo roll price rise period, although the PP futures willful rise, crude oil production agreement can move to achieve factors such as oil prices up the “unexpected” factors exist, the butyl acrylate production enterprises started low, petrochemical enterprises With the support of factors such as support also appears to be more robust. BOPP and butyl acrylate with each other, prices have increased, the cost of adhesive tape to bring strong support for the adhesive tape jumbo roll market, coupled with the March return of the occasion of the Spring Festival holiday tape customers downstream warehouse sales, the need to support the adhesive tape jumbo roll just need to be maintained. The upstream and downstream with excellent degree, in March the rally was able to maintain and achieve the mainstream price of East China from ¥7700/Ton to ¥9,000/Ton results.

Sheet1 The end of June and early July raw material and adhesive tape jumbo roll price

bopp packing tape jumbo roll
bopp packing tape jumbo roll

Held up the source of this rise is undoubtedly the crazy PP! The reason for the PP crazy price increases, PP futures rose again bear the brunt, followed by low petrochemical inventory, petrochemical inertia at the end of the month to pull up, and coincides with the impact of waterlogging disaster in East China and the arrival of the G20 summit in September Affecting the start of the East China Petrochemical enterprises in August and other news led. The majority of customers believe that the rush of space, the rhythm is too fast, which is why the market is one of the reasons for high turnover.

September- expected!

From September 4 to 5, 2016, G20 summit was held in Hangzhou, since mid-May, Zhejiang and the surrounding area has begun to create a “G20 Blue” research and investigation work, and with the thorough investigation work further, The number of factories receiving the cut-off notice increased, and because of the high temperature of the summer installation of the reasons for maintenance, some enterprises are also selected in the mid to late 8 overhaul, which is the supply of raw materials is a big test At the same time, but also early warning of downstream users need to stocking. Therefore, the arrival of golden September, Packing tape jumbo roll market demand has been exhausted ahead of time, the devastation of gold nine is expected.

October – strong block!

Because gold nine unhappy, to relax the downstream users of silver ten vigilance during the National Day, the downstream users are not replenishment, but the National Day seven days of crude oil rebounded a strong rebound in the packing tape jumbo roll market downstream users purchase sentiment!

National Petrochemical PP strong pull back, driven BOPP higher prices, to adhesive tape to bring support for rising prices.

Followed by mid-October butyl acrylate outside the market suffered force majeure, domestic enterprises offer up to crunch, give the adhesive tape jumbo roll prices “fueled” the power.

November raw material prices warm retreat, near the end, butyl acrylate production enterprises started low “encounter” Jiangsu Miki incident, the domestic supply of butyl acetate an unprecedented degree of tension, once again pushed up the price of butyl acrylate, driven bopp adhesive tape jumbo roll prices continued upward.

In December, the price of BOPP and butyl acrylate were increased. The cost support was not strong. In addition, the orders of the adhesive tape jumbo roll manufacturers accumulated more, and the production of the tape was not stopped.

Three times a day price adjustment! Seal! Soaring! Rose! Up one thousand a week! This is the October 2016 -12 Bopp packing tape jumbo roll production enterprises in the normal state.

Adhesive tape jumbo roll
Adhesive tape jumbo roll

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1: National Day back the first week, BOPP Film  rise  in price!
The first week of the return of the National Day ,Packing tape jumbo  roll prices due to  BOPP film prices up. National Day holiday back, Owing to PP price up ,it  driven BOPP prices higher.
Over the past week, BOPP film and packing tape jumbo roll tape ‘s prices  has entered the consolidation period, and the trend of decadence. However, PP futures rebounded again with butyl acrylate market unexpected events, all atmosphere driven, thin film market demand is also a sudden increase. Again supporting the BOPP price to run at a higher level above.

2: In mid-October, foreign butyl acrylate suffered force majeure, the domestic price will be rise !
Event Review: German local time on October 17, 2016 about 11:30 am, located in the northern port of Ludwigshafen port of the explosion occurred and a series of fire. A number of employees working at the site were injured and others were missing. Responsible for the emergency response personnel have been at the scene to deal with, can see the fire caused by smoke. Residents of Port Road and Mannheim have been advised to avoid staying outside and closing doors and windows. For safety reasons, BASF Ludwigshafen lowered its steam cracker and other devices to a temporary stop.
Acrylic plant capacity in the European market statistics show that Germany’s BASF acrylic plant capacity of 310,000 tons, accounting for Europe’s total capacity of 1/4; acrylic ester production capacity of 390,000 tons, accounting for 1/2 of total capacity in Europe.
Europe’s largest acrylic production enterprises parking, supply the European acrylic market supply line of emergency, bear the brunt of the region is Asia, and Asia, China is the largest producer of acrylic acid. Therefore, under the support of this factor, the domestic butyl acrylate week rose ¥500-1000  / ton, greatly stimulated the downstream tape mother roll manufacturers, tape prices increase.

3: The first round of gains has led the downstream stocking enthusiasm, and then the case of skyrocketing prices, the user is highly motivated procurement !
As the title said, the first week after the holiday return, driven by the packing tape jumbo roll  downstream enthusiasm has not yet receded stocking, the market re-encounter of force majeure, packing tape jumbo roll prices rise at the same time, once again boost the downstream tape user purchasing enthusiasm . As a result, the current tape manufacturers to produce orders for the parent handover difficult scene, and some companies have been able to maintain orders to the middle of next month or even the end of next month. Orders of ultra-full load, enough to give confidence in tape manufacturers to raise parent quotes.

For the future: cautiously optimistic !

1. BA industry started low load, the latter part of the market just need to weaken, prices continue to uplink blocked.
At present, domestic butyl acrylate industry is still in the lower half of the level of start, this device will be restarted one after another. Qilu Kai Tai device started today, a plant in Ningbo, a plant started, a plant in Jiangsu tomorrow to return to work, Zhejiang Satellite is currently running at low load, short-term supply of domestic market supply is still tight, will temporarily support the market supply at high levels.

But with the gold nine silver 10 season ended, the downstream butyl acrylate and latex demand will also be gradually reduced, the latter part of the market demand for propyl bromide worried about thicker. And the external force majeure factors to bring the real impact of the market or more limited, there are still more surplus domestic capacity to be used, if there is export demand, according to the current domestic production capacity of butyl acetate supply, it should be relatively easy one thing.

Acrylic acid and ester has gone through a rapid pull up last week, the market price refresh a new high this year. European BASF explosion, acrylic acid can not resist the announcement of parking at the same time, last week, the domestic acrylic acid production enterprises have different levels of failure, small overhaul, start the load close to a new low level during the year. With the rise in acrylic acid and ester prices, and profitability, acrylic manufacturers gradually increase the industry started this week compared to last week, acrylic operating rate rose 13 %, butyl acrylate operating rate rose 10 %.

2. BOPP current trend entirely dependent on PP, PP in the fourth quarter of production-intensive, the trend cautiously optimistic.

BOPP trend in recent years has been completely independent of their control, a higher degree of dependence on the PP. PP where to go, BOPP go where to go. And then, PP market is facing the risk of intensive production, although the current petrochemical stocks low to give the market some support, but the late PP trend we still hold cautious optimism. Therefore, BOPP the next trend, the box may fluctuate larger.

3. October tape market users are mostly due to price stocking, late stocking demand will be weakened。

“Silver October” counterattack should not be underestimated, but then, Packing tape jumbo roll market has been able to continue to spend the remaining 2016 optimistic about the remaining two months? Also difficult. In October, packing tape jumbo roll market users, driven by prices, getting goods, stocking of a few, according to previous years, the historical situation, tape volume in the fourth quarter demand will be reduced compared with the third quarter, and more users in October this year Stocking, stocking in a week, ten days, half months, or even a month long, 11,12 months tape rigid market demand in the downstream volume of such a large stocking is slightly worried.

2016 tape master volume in October is undoubtedly the “big turn over” a month, so after the boom, return to reason, we will return to the market fundamentals. In 2016, the packing tape jumbo roll market continues to put into production, in the next few years the industry started to maintain about half of the background, the market continued production of the move, although the beautiful scenery together, but always revealed a trace of “risk” atmosphere. Rational to be the city, in fact, tape the parent volume industry should be the initiative.

Top Golden is expected, the end of the beginning of tape tape market price no downward risk, but with the tape mother roll manufacturers cumulative order volume delivery, the market gradually weakened demand for rigid, long-line packing tape jumbo roll market will have a reasonable price reduction Of the risk, the price of inflection point or in mid-November or so there.

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About Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Chinese Moon Festival, takes place at the 15th day of the eighth Chinese lunar month. The reason for celebrating the festival during that time is that it is the time when the moon is at its fullest and brightest.

2016 Mid-Autumn Festival will be on September 27, and the China public holiday for this festival lasts for three days from September 6th to September 8th.

The Mid-autumn festival is one of the two most important occasions in Chinese calendar (the other being the Spring Festival or the Chinese New Year) and it is an official holiday. It is a time for families to be together, so people far from home will gaze longingly at the moon and think about their families.

The traditional food for mid-autumn festival is the moon cake which is round and symbolizes reunion.

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                                                   Current Situation China tape industry market
After a hundred years of development, the tape industry has become the world an important basic chemical sub-sectors, is an important part of the rubber products industry, covering all aspects of the national economy and people’s lives, defense industry, production and consumption. China from the “Eleventh Five-Year” before the world became tape production and consumption country, the country has a certain scale tape production more than 500 enterprises. According to rough statistics, the country’s current annual production capacity of more than 350 million square meters conveyor belt, v with an annual production capacity of about 2.5 billion am, are listed among the first in the world. “Eleventh Five-Year” end of the country’s annual production of 300 million conveyor belt, v with annual production of 2 billion am. Our tape products, whether or conveyor belt varieties are more complete, to meet the basic needs of national economic development, but there’s still unreasonable product structure, excess capacity, industry blind expansion and disorderly vicious competition.

Production capacity expansion of the belt rapidly, especially steel cord conveyor belt scale unabated expansion or new production lines. In general v belt transmission belt as the representative of the production capacity surplus, compared with the market demand, including timing belt, V-ribbed belt, agricultural belt production capacity is increasing rapidly.

In terms of domestic demand: “Eleventh Five-Year” period, with the rapid development of China’s coal, metallurgy, steel, automobile and other industries, for the tape industry has provided a broad domestic market, to achieve a sustained and rapid development. Annual sales of the “Eleventh Five-Year” during tape product growth remained above 15%. As of 2013 industry output hose tape industry has increased to 29.455 billion yuan.

In recent years, a series of tape industry conducive to the development of industrial policy and planning for the sector issued by relevant state departments for the development of tape industry has laid a good foundation system. First support rubber, new materials, textile industry and other upstream industries through restructuring, technological upgrading, industrial upgrading to provide the material basis for the tape industry; followed by the revitalization of the high-end machinery and equipment manufacturing, metallurgy and port and other downstream industries, the expansion of the tape industry overall demand and market capacity; in addition, support and encourage competitive enterprises bigger and stronger, increase the proportion of high-performance tape, tape to promote industrial restructuring, technological upgrading and brand strategy.

Champoux consulting released “2014– China Tape Reports Survey 2017” shows the current stability of the national economy, sustainable development, economic development is in the process of modernization and urbanization accelerate the development of industry, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, mining, chemical and building materials industry has a broad space for development, the demand for these industries in the proportion of the total tape larger domestic market demand for the tape industry provides a huge market.

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