Duct Tape

Cloth Tape  is a cloth tape coated with a polyethylene resin on one side and very sticky rubber-based adhesive on the other. Duct Tape is also very malleable and can adhere to a wide variety of surfaces. It can be used for a number of household repair jobs, as a fastener instead of screws or nails, and in car maintenance.


  • Heavy duty packaging / Carpet jointing and affixing /Handle anti-slip


Features:                                                            Useful:

>Printable.                                                          >Heavy duty packaging.
>Good adhesion.                                               >Protecting surface of machines form rust. Humidity & scratch.
>Easy tear.                                                         >Carpet jointing and affixing.
> Humidity resistance.                                   >For industial bundling affixing joining. Sealing and protecting.
> small scale                                                     >Other protection and temporary affixing.
> No deforming and curving at cuts.          >Book revamped. File classified.

>Duct tape is available in variety of widths.Lengths.& Color to meet your specific needs.
>Customized printing is welcome.

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Additional information


Black, Blue, Brown(Tan), Green, Red, Silver, White, Yellow


Length:5m-650m, Thickness: 150mic-300mic, Width:12mm-1060mm

Adhesive Type

Hot melt /acrylic/Synthetic Rubble





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  1. admin

    Suitable for carpet joints laying, hardware, construction, decoration works, heavy packaging, layout of the exhibition, also can be used for fixing of advertising walls.

    • admin

      Pipe wrapping, heavy duty package and cargo differentiation.

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