Double Sided Tissue Tape

Double sided  Tape  Strong adhesion ,easy to use.Double -side tape have good performance in office ,home use ,DIY and industry market.

To get the most efficient use from the tape, simply cut or tear the desired length and place on the desired items, users can then peel off the protective layer, which will expose the other sticky side of the tape allowing users to stick the required item to it.


  • General Repair  / Mending  / Patching  /Bundling


Features:                                   Usage:
>Strong adhesion.                     >Adhere posters/photos/public notes/envelopes.
>Double-stick.                           >Fixing of ornament hook or signboard.
>Easy-tear.                                 >Decoration.
>Convenient and neat.            >For computerized embroidery.
>High tensile strength.           >For reinforced bonding.


>Double sided tapes are available in variety of widths/ lengths and meet your specific needs.
>White protective liner and yellow protective liner available.


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Additional information




Length: 10M-1000M, Thickness: 60mic -100mic, Width:10mm-1020mm

Adhesive Type

Hot melt /water acrylic/Solvent


Release paper



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  1. admin

    » Adhere notes. envelopes.
    » Fixing of ornament hook or signboard.
    » Decoration.
    » Shoe & leather industry.
    » For computerized embroidery.
    » For laminating nameplate.
    » For reinforced bonding.

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