Colorful LLDPE Pallet Film

Colored Stretch Film- Our colored stretch film is a transparent stretch film that can still be seen through after several revolutions. Many companies use colored stretch film for storage or transportation to quickly identify product loads. We offer our colored stretch film in the following colors: blue, red, green, yellow, and orange. Having multiple colors to wrap multiple product loads enable quick and easy identification when wrapping.Special thicknesses can be made upon request.


Features:                                                                                      Usage:
>Low-unwind noise.                                                                    >Prevent pilferage.
>Good shrink to origin memory.                                              >Units are “cushioned” by it to avoid damage.
>Excellent puncture & tear resistance.                                   >Any product can be stretch wrapped.
>Extra strength in both direction.                                           >Widely used to wrap small items.
>Protection from water ingress. dirt & abrasion.
>Easily and cleanly removed.


TG-Film useful


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Additional information


Black, Blue, Green, Printed, Red, Transparent(Clear), Yellow


Length: Min:100m -5000m/roll ,OEM customization, Thickness: 10mic -35mic, Weight : 0.3kgs-50kgs/roll OEM customization, Width :40mm / 100mm /150mm /250mm/300mm /380mm/400mm/450mm/500mm/750mm OEM customization

Special materials


Main Material





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    Alternatively we supply heavy duty film in a 20 micron thickness, which works well with heavier goods and irregular shaped loads. Our extra heavy duty rolls are 30 micron thick, to provide even better protection for sharp pallets and ‘ugly’ freight and prove particularly popular in the construction and building industries.

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