Carton Self-adhesive Tape

Packaging tapes are the ideal closure for your packaging, tailored exactly to your needs. Packaging Tape is an important part of any packaging operation. Companies using boxes, envelopes, or any other containers for packaging normally use a tape for sealing. Tapes specifically made for packaging come in a variety of lengths, colors, and widths. They also vary in materials and adhesives they are made from.We also offer machine tapes for mechanical processing.


Features:                                                                        Usage:
>Light – weight backing.                                                >Packaging carton boxes
>High adhesion.                                                              >Packaging for export.
>High tensile strength.                                                  >Steadying & bundling.
>weather -resistance.                                                     >Protection.
>broad temperature range.
>Low noise ( Silent )

>Bopp Film is coated with Various thickness of adhesive for different weight requirements.
>Bopp packaging tape is available in variety of widths, lengths, and colours to meet your specific needs.
>The standard packing quantity is 36rolls or 72rolls/carton.


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Additional information


Black, Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Printed, Tan, Transparent



Adhesive Type

Acrylic Emulsion





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  1. admin

    Carton sealing tapes feature a non-yellowing and UV resistant acrylic based adhesive system. Acrylic carton sealing tapes maintain their adhesive properties better and longer;
    They perform better at temperature extremes. They are more resistant to ageing, weathering, sunlight and discoloration than hot melt tapes.

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