Aluminum Foil Tape

ALL-WEATHER performance ideal for indoor or outdoor uses
Combines the sealing and protective benefits of aluminum with the ease and use of tape
Highly recommended by consumers for its easy use and durability
Rated for flame spread and smoke development
Ideal for sealing cold and hot air ducts
Indoor/outdoor use
Temperature range -20F to 260F


>Shiny silver.
>Commercial grade, self-wound, easy application.
>U.V. resistance.
>Flame. Moisture & Many chemical barrier.
>Good for harsh. Long-Term outdoor application.
>Excellent protection for masking operations in electroplating and paint stripping.

>For a heat/cold reflective wrap along or over insulation.
>Applied to tubes. Engine support structures.
>Wrapping vinyl coated wires to protect them form heat.
>For any place where aluminum tape is needed.
>Can be used indoor or outdoor for long term application.


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Adhesive Type

Acrylic Emulsion


Aluminum Foil




Aluminum Foil

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    Foil tape is the ideal solution for a wide range of industries as it is offers a versatile range of benefits.

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