• A -K level Paper Board for carton .
  • PP Strapping Tape double wrap if need .Double protect the goods.
  • Stretch wrap film is the 3rd protection.
  • Strong wood or plastic pallet ,also have Fumigation card board .


Protect the goods, convenient for storage and transportation. The most basic function of packaging is to protect goods, convenient for storage and transportation.

Effective product packaging can rise to moisture, heat and cold, prevent volatilization, pollution prevention, preservation, fragile, deformation, etc.

Series product protection. In product packaging, therefore, must pay attention to the choice of packaging materials and packaging technology control.

Why We Do It Better

>green product packaging; environmental protection and good.

>Various types of packaging products: Including ordinary adhesive tape, industrial tape and special packaging materials.

>Our rugged package; the use of high-strength corrugated and glossy, with strength comparable to wood, can be effective shelf goods.

>Low prices, High strength, Heavy Duty, so that exports and production costs have significantly dropped significantly, also printed pattern and text to make beauty products, coloring.

> Fast, Convenient; Clearance speed, Demolition and more convenient.