Joint adhesives, repair, sealed insulation nail puncture and breakage of. Refrigerator, freezer plant the main raw materials, insulation materials distribution sector will also purchase raw materials. Therefore, foil tape is widely taken for granted.
In the supermarket, some are puffed food products using aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil products in the packaging industry uses wider, while the use of aluminum foil tape is not common, and we know how to use aluminum foil tape with you? It is with the use of other tape is the same?

Here to introduce its specific relevant knowledge to help you understand the product:
Aluminum foil tape is an industrial belt, is a high self-adhesive anti-UV ability of the new external corrosion protection materials. Mainly used for corrosion protection of natural gas, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, heating, urban construction in the oil, gas, water, heating or overhead line tower structure. This trait foil tape to meet the needs of many of the packaging industry, to bring powerful guarantee the safety of modern life.

In life, we have a common foil tape appears in many places, in fact, is mainly used in aluminum foil tape wrap cold (hot) gas pipeline, and generally do cold (warm) water heaters, gas works and more manufacturers use. In addition, foil tape is also widely used in refrigerators, air withered, automotive, petrochemical, bridges, hotels, electronics and other industries.
Nowadays, aluminum foil tape high treatment can be applied to all types of transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDA, PDP, LED monitors, notebook computers, photocopiers and other electronic products where domestic electromagnetic shielding. With its fit the actual design, as well as safe and reliable use of packaging materials, so customers receive praise.
In fact, different types of models of aluminum foil tape is very different, but the use of high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, sticky, strong adhesion, anti-aging and other effects! Insulation performance greatly improved specifications (0.05mm-0.08mm) * various widths and lengths of aluminum foil tape is the best choice for customers.

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